Fallen Empires

The Irontown Adventurers

Session One

Twoesday, Rainfall 14th, 252AW

While in the inn Robert asked the barkeep for the largest bounty posted in the land. He was given the bounty of Gorbechev the Goblin-King for five-thousand gold bites, in addition to a silver mark for the heads of his foul minions. After a few drinks he and Ragnak the Barbarian head over to the Forger’s residence; picking up Araora and Eilkahn at the shop along the way. Once at the Forger’s family home Robert speaks with Aula the Knight and her father about possible routes to Goblin-Town as well as supplies for the journey. While they do not know exactly where the Goblin-King is Father Dwarf is willing to bet they will find a lead in Goblin-Town.

Once everything was settled the party members agreed to leave at dawn on the ’morrow.

Wrendday, Rainfall 15th, 252AW

The party travels to Maracliff, passing through Kallengar to reach the city. Before they reach the city however, Eilkahn reveals that she has a very troubled past there and must disguise herself if she would enter the city. This is successful and their stay at the inn there is uneventful.

Thrashday, Rainfall 16th, 252AW

From Maracliff they travel to the mountain train river and proceed to move upstream with Araora scouting two days ahead. After having traveled for a good portion of the day in the difficult terrain they foil an ambush set up by four hobgoblins. With kills being claimed by Ragnak, Robert, and Aula. Aula’s squire; Fredrick, performed admirably in the combat.


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