Fallen Empires

The Dimensional Adventurers

Session One

Thrashday, Rainfall 16th, 252AW

Our heroes emerged from the astral sea in force. Securing the perimeter around the portal with two handfuls of men before returning to the Material plane once and for all! Skald, Andrew, and Nomkitu began by attempting to return to Andunic, only to discover that it has been occupied by a large host of undead and is now a necropolis. As they travel south and west they notice that the land is in fact the same, just changed as well as aged. Having traveled only a few days Nomkitu spots an unfamiliar settlement in the distance along the river. Skald, in a fit of arrogance, convinces the other two that the best way to enter the city is to appear as gods.

They approach the city on foot and are met by Captain Kevin, Master Smith, and Guildmaster Goering who introduce themselves and inquire what they are seeking. They secure a royal hearing almost immediately and speak with King Maric within the hour. The king, having heard their tale, asks what the adventurers want with his fine kingdom. Skald responds that they seek knowledge of this land and are willing to aid the kingdom in anything they need.

King Maric rejoices at this news and proceeds to tell them any and everything he can about the world and its current state. He also asks the adventurers to aid him in stopping raids from cliff giants, forrest giants, and to cull the enourmous centipedes who constantly raid the outer farms.

As the adventurers leave town they decide to visit the temple of the Gatekeeper in the hopes to convince the clergy there that the Gatekeeper is evil and that they should follow Illuvitar in his stead. With Nomkitu and Andrew shrouded in a spell of invisibility they enter the inner chambers and Skald confronts the local High Priest. Things go sour, Skald is still unused to confronting real tangible humans rather than abjurations from the astral plane and the adventurers resort to obliderating the High Priest. Skald recasts invisibility on his friends, makes the body vanish and turns to greet the guards and priests now bursting into the room. They are not fooled when he arrogantly claims that the High Priest was false and was destroyed by a divine being and the now new High Priest orders Skald’s arrest.

At this point in time Skald teleports away with Andrew and Nomkitu.

The adventurers decide that the only thing that they now can do is to follow through with the agreement they made with the King and hope to have cleared their names through actions in favor with the crown. They leave off by traveling to Orcist, home of the orcs.

Sinday, Rainfall 19th, 252AW


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