Fallen Empires

The Dimensional Adventurer's

Session Two

Sinday, Rainfall 19th, 252AW

After their fiasco in Carthal; Skald, Andrew, and Nomkitu have travelled to Orcist where they seek knowledge of the forrest giants before encountering them.

They meet the Orc clan leader, as well as his wife, and learn about the friendly relations the orcs have with the forrest giants as well as information of the lands around The Forrest of Orcist.

Then the party of adventurers heads to The Moot, a place of gathering for the forrest giants, to talk to them about the attacks on the humans. Along the way the adventurers stop by a hive of centipedes and obscound with a score of eggs as a peace offering to the forrest giants. Once there Skald learns that the attacks are being made by adolecents with too much free time on their hands. The adventurers suggested that the giants redirect their young against the giant centipedes in order to hit two birds with one stone, three birds if you count the giants getting eggs as well.


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